Interview with Author Vincent Czyz

Today we have an interview with author Vincent Czyz. It is our pleasure to welcome Vincent Czyz, author of The Christos Mosaic and Adrift in a Vanishing City.

The Christos Mosaic is on our Suggested Monthly Book Club Reading and we will be doing a review of this novel.Interview with Author Vincent Czyz


Dinh: So I would like to talk a bit about your history, have you always wanted to be a writer?

Vincent:  To steal a line from a better writer (Gore Vidal), I always *was* a writer although it took a couple of decades before I was any good at it. As he and many other authors have pointed out, you don’t really choose writing; it chooses you.

I was 12 when I first attempted to write a book. I was fascinated by astronomy and wanted to write a book about Jupiter (cleverly enough titled All About Jupiter).

My next attempt at writing a book—a novel—filled several wire-bound notebooks of 300 or so pages each. It was a sword-and-sorcery fantasy that leaned heavily on The Lord of the Rings. I started it my freshman year and gave up on it by about the end of high school, but as a teenager I was already staying home and writing while my friends were out doing what teens normally do.
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