The Farm Book Club Discussion Questions

1.The Filipinos in the book made sacrifices for their family in the Philippines. Ate, specifically, worked and sent money back to the Philippines in order to care for her son. She sacrificed herself for her child, would you do that? Would you go to all the lengths to provide for your child if you were in her shoes?

2. The Farm had many themes such as class, family, sacrifices, motherhood, love, assimilation, immigration, gender, race, religion etc. Which theme impacted you the most? Which theme stood out?

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The Light Of Paris Book Club Discussion Questions

1. How is Margie similar to her grand daughter Madeleine? What did they both want?

2. The book is written with Madeleine viewpoint in 1999 and what happened to her grandmother Margie in 1924. Did you enjoy the back and forth between the two stories in the book? Which story interested you more?

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The Last Time I Saw You Book Review

Book review by Dinh.

2.5 stars

Read synopsis here.


I was excited to read The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine because I had read The Last Mrs. Parrish and loved it for its fast pace psychological thriller.

I was hoping that this follow up book was going to be just as good.

Did it meet my expectations? Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations. I was highly disappointed with the book. To give it to you straight- it was horrible!

Here’s why it was not for me:

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The Last Time I Saw You Book Club Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1.Were you surprised by who the murderer was? Did you guess right?

2. Kate English and Blaire Barrington’s friendship ended because of Simon and a difference in opinions. What did you think about the friendship between Kate and Blaire? Do you think that their friendship was tenuous? Have you fallen out with a friend because of a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

3. Which character did you least like? Which character did you like?

4. Can you relate to, or identify with any of the characters?

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Books That I Read! Mid Year Book Update 2019

It’s that time again to wrap up my reading progress for the first half of the year, 2019.

I am ecstatic to report that I read more books than I could ever imagine. I read a total of 80 books in 6 months. That’s a world record for me. I went over my Goodreads reading challenge by 20 books already!

I have bested my reading challenge by following my own tips! Want to read more? Check out my Top 5 Tips On How To Read More.

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