Gluten Actually Unbinds Us?

We can all rest now, a very popular cereal has finally made it possible for us to eat together because as you know, this was a problem before their ingenuity kicked in.

I admit, I like to read stuff while I eat and okay, do other stuff. Newspapers and magazines (and now online media) is great but I also enjoy reading the boxes that products come in. i.e., food, soap, toothpaste whatever. This is where the real marketing gems can be found and how these products are not just effective, but actually are changing the world, one family at a time. Continue reading “Gluten Actually Unbinds Us?”

Political Correctness: Respect Or Overkill?

Hello! We’ve started a new category call The Back Room where you can come chat and have a laugh. Leave your political correctness at the door and have a laugh with us!

Political Correctness: Respect Or Overkill?

In business there many occasions where training and other materials are written and presented. In the past, when referring to someone in a certain role, they would be referred to as “him” or “he”. When the attorney reviews a file, “he” must be cognizant of… If the police officer encounters a dangerous situation, “he” should call for back-up… etc. Continue reading “Political Correctness: Respect Or Overkill?”