Gluten Actually Unbinds Us?

We can all rest now, a very popular cereal has finally made it possible for us to eat together because as you know, this was a problem before their ingenuity kicked in.

I admit, I like to read stuff while I eat and okay, do other stuff. Newspapers and magazines (and now online media) is great but I also enjoy reading the boxes that products come in. i.e., food, soap, toothpaste whatever. This is where the real marketing gems can be found and how these products are not just effective, but actually are changing the world, one family at a time.

So I’m reading a box of Cheerios and learned that Phil, a member of the Cheerios “team” (don’t you love that?) found out that his daughter-in-law cannot consume gluten.

Nothing to make light of and actually I commend Phil and the Cheerios “team” for trying to do something to help her and so many others.

So after “a lot of late nights and hard work” they discovered a way to separate their oats which are naturally gluten-free from the wheat, rye and barley that often mixes in during the farming process.

Great! Now this popular brand of Cheerios is now gluten-free.

How Gluten Actually Unbinds Us

Here is the best part: Now that we have “Cheerios for Everyone” we no longer have to let dietary restrictions get in the way of families spending time together.

How awesome is this!

Everyone knows that families cannot eat at the same table if everyone is not eating the same exact thing.

They must retreat to separate quarters in the house.

My son Gaius has an egg allergy so we make him eat outside. It’s a real issue for us because we love eggs and it gets very cold here in the winter. If only we could enjoy our eggs and still let my poor son eat his waffles at the table with us.


Perhaps some other well-known company will have a breakthrough that will rid the world of egg allergies so we can finally eat together as a family.

Until then, we will just wave to him while he eats his waffles, outside. At least the birds seem to enjoy it.

All I have to say is how much do these marketing folks make, who is really being touched by these sentiments and where do I apply? I have a great idea on how Triscuits can increase our dietary and also our moral fiber…

Start reading more than the nutritional values on your products guys and share your findings!


6 thoughts on “Gluten Actually Unbinds Us?

  1. Fortunately, I do not have any allergies but I couldn’t imagine what difficulties this has on someone in this day and age. We live in a world where everything comes from some sort of factory which manufactures pretty much everything that you could be allergic too. “This has been produced in a factory which also handles eggs, wheat, gluten, soy, nuts, peanuts”, it is ridiculous and unfair. There should be a company which takes it back to basics ensuring they actually know what is in their food.

  2. Hello Mike –
    I can relate to Gaius. I am allergic to wheat, so I have to stay away from products with Gluten in them. I have had this allergy for about twenty years. For most of those years, no company had a product that tasted good. Most wheat free products were very dry and tasted like eating sawdust. However, now there are many more products like the one Cheerios offers. Thank God, because I can finally eat foods like pizza or a sandwich without choking on the crust or the bread.
    This was a fun post to read. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day – Brian

  3. Yes, it is real nice to have Cheerios gluten free. My daughter has to eat things that are gluten-free because of health reasons. Now we can have the same cereal together.

    We have to read all the labels before we buy food. I am thinking of a Gluten-Free diet too because I think it is a healthier diet.
    Thanks for this informative post.

  4. So nice to read a post from Mike! Though, I love the ladies very much, too.

    I frequently enjoy package designs and the thought that goes into it. Materials, content, size, etc all are carefully thought out. I listened to a whole podcast regarding why ketchup packets are in packets. =) So, while the more important issue is that I hope Gaius can one day be around the table while the rest of the family is consuming eggs, I like the kernel of thought that started this conversation.

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