I’ll See You In Paris Book Club Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. Did you think Michelle Gable did a good job in creating the three main character’s lives, Laurel, Annie and the Duchess, in I’ll See You In Paris?

2. Did you think Gladys Deacon (The Duchess) ended up being a crazy old lady or was she just shrewd in manipulating her actions with other people?

3. Did you find the number of spaniels in the Grange to be a realistic approach to the living conditions in the Grange and was it believable to you that the people living there would put up with it?

4. Did you find the growing relationship between Annie and Gus to be believable and did you see the ending coming in that relationship?

5. Could you relate the significance of the 3 wars and 9/11 mentioned in this book a significant factor in the ending of the story and how war played a part in both the lives of Laurel and Annie?

I'll See You in Paris Questions

6. Did you wonder why Laurel had one of the main themes in the novel but her activities were mentioned the least?

7. The narrative of the novel bounces back and forth between 1973 and 2001, did you find the story going back and forth easy to follow and did you think the short chapters helped?

8. As the relationship between Pru and Win grows throughout the book did you find their emotional attachment enduring? Did you think Win was ever going to write and finish the book?

9. Were you happy to find out the character of Tom mentioned from time to time in the book was actually a real person?

10. After reading this novel will you continue to follow and read Michelle Gable’s future new books?

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