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Killing Jesus: Book Review by Mike

2.5 stars for Killing Jesus Book


Killing Jesus Book Review






Killing Jesus Review

I was enticed to pick up a copy of this non fiction book “Killing Jesus, A History” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard after hearing him on Imus in the Morning several times on my way to work. I was also intrigued to read “Killing Lincoln” but after starting with “Jesus” I think I’ll pass.

Killing Jesus details the historical and political events that led to the demise of the most influential man in world history: Jesus of Nazareth.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the historical account by O’Reilly and Dugard and at first I was intrigued as to why they decided to describe the account of Julius Caesar’s death as a harbinger of Jesus’ demise early on in the work. I thought it was clever the way they set the stage, explained how the main players in this tragedy were put in place starting with Caesar’s assassination.

However, as I read on, I found that throughout the pages I learned nothing new about the history of Caesar, Pilate or Jesus and was disappointed to find that this work turned out to be nothing more than a rehashing of well-established research and documentation about the historical figure of Jesus Christ and the events leading to his crucifixion.


Killing Jesus Recommendation

I would have enjoyed being surprised at some point with some nugget of original discovery but it was not to be.

Having said that, if you are someone who has limited knowledge of the time period and the history of Jesus of Nazareth, this may be a good book for you. It is an easy read and a good story.

It also cites the Gospels very well and goes into extra detail in the footnotes when it was warranted. Those who consider themselves beginners in the study of Jesus should enjoy this work.

Overall, the book is fine, but is not for the serious or even semi-serious historian. If Bill O’Reilly’s name is not on the cover, this is not a best-seller.


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20 thoughts on “Killing Jesus Book Review

  1. I haven’t read this book from O’Reilly. But I thoroughly enjoyed “Killing Lincoln.” For me it was an addictive page turner, and critics say there was no new information, but it was a great refresher and taught me things I had forgotten or overlooked back in school. So if it’s anything like that, I think it is worth reading, even if I have already learned about the Passion in great detail.

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for checking the ‘Killing Jesus’ book review.
      The lack of new information seems to be a recurring theme for these books but I would consider “Killing Lincoln” as a starting point, having never researched the subject thoroughly.
      Like “Killing Jesus”, it seems these works are most appropriate for those with limited knowledge of the time, but are fine for folks who are eager to get a good grounding of the subject. Or like you say, a good refresher!

      Talk soon!

  2. Hi

    I love your review, also the word killing “Jesus” made me skeptical and made me think twice reading further. The review looks great and an interesting book to read.
    There’s always something you learn about religion when reading amazing books like this. Glad I took the liberty to read further.

    1. Thanks so much for checking in UWAIS.
      The book is interesting and a good starting point for folks with basic knowledge of that historical period. Others who have performed some research on the subject will get less from this read.

      Talk soon! Mike

    1. Hi Susan – As a Christian, this book may offend you because it is an historical account of Jesus as a man only, which is what Mr. O’Reilly and his co-author set out to do.
      Although Jesus’ divinity is not challenged here as it was not the book’s purpose, the absence of his divinity may not sit well with you.

      Other Christian have read “Killing Jesus” and have not taken offense. You can take a chance and have a look at it and see for yourself.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Thanks for the review. I have read ‘Killing Lincoln’ and liked it. I have been afraid to read ‘Killing Jesus’ as I am unsure I can trust O’Reilly to handle it right. Hope that makes sense. I guess when it comes to Jesus, I’ll get my news from the Bible.

    I’ll be back to what else you have to say, thanks

    1. Thanks very much for commenting Robert.

      It sounds like you have enough information about the subject to rely upon your own instincts so I would stick to that.

      In my humble opinion, this is simply a repackaging of information from a well-known celebrity-commentator. If you went into “Killing Lincoln” with only basic knowledge of the assassination then I agree that was a better choice.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this one! I have grown up Catholic but have an ever wondering, open mind of my own. I LOVE watching shows on the History channel about Jesus, God and all religions as well. I especially adore when they have a possible, “could this scenario” be true….. So if you say there was nothing new in the book, than I to, will have to pass. I believe you said it was an easy read, do you think that would still be the case for eighth grade CCD students? If so maybe I could get the interested.

    1. Hi Donna – Thanks so much for checking in.

      I agree that you will not glean any new information here; however, I would say that an advanced eight grader with a few novels under her belt would be able to handle this one fairly well.

      Talk soon! Mike

  5. I haven’t had a chance to read Killing Jesus yet but I am happy I came across your review first.
    Thank you for taking the time to write it up.
    Your Book Club is great and I refer to it many times before I purchase a book!

    1. Thank you very much for checking in Meherbani.

      I am glad that you are using our reviews as a guideline to choosing a book to read or not to read.

      We love feedback so let us know what books you have read and what you thought of them. I love to discuss about books especially ones that I have read and reviewed.

      Stop by anytime!

  6. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for being totally honest about the way you feel about there being nothing new in ‘Killing Jesus’ book. Even though i am not a Christian I have done quite a bit of research into the life and history of Jesus and if this will not teach me anything new I think I will pass.
    Thanks for the review.
    Love and light.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Vivia and yes, someone with your level of experience will not gain much, if at all here.

      Thanks for taking time to read my “Killing Jesus” book review!

      Be well.

  7. Hi Everyone,
    I enjoyed reading your comments about the book “Killing Jesus.” I am always intrigued by any kind of history and even though I know the facts surrounding the death of Jesus, I like to see if there are any bits of culture picked up and shared whether intentionally or otherwise by the author. I think I will have a go at reading it.
    Thank you for your review and bringing it to my attention.
    Great website. Where do you find time to read all those books you review. Are you a speed reader?
    All the best.

    1. Thanks Beth – There are some interesting tidbits about the culture and also the lifestyle of the main historical figures, especially King Herod who’s paranoia, coupled with his excessive lifestyle, which I found very disturbing!

      I am not a speed reader. Arlene, Dinh and myself read and review the books.
      We pick books that we want to read and then write a review for our visitors so they know what to expect from the book.

      We also have a special guest once in a while who will read and write a review. So taken together it would seem like we review quite a few books.

      Thanks for stopping by at Arlene’s Book Club!

  8. I haven’t had the chance to read ‘Killing Jesus’ yet, I am glad you have told us there is nothing “new” that I haven’t heard of.
    I am Christian and I have done some research on the crucifixion of Christ therefore I really don’t think this book is for me either. A lot of times people get excited to read a book because it was written by an actor or a special writer but when you read the book, it’s not that great 🙁 I appreciate your honesty!

    1. I’m with you Eloah and perfectly happy to keep you away from this one.

      Someone with your level of experience will gain nothing from “Killing Jesus” book.

      Thanks for stopping by at Arlene’s Book Club!

  9. Hi Torrey,
    thank you for your comments.
    Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard have not added any new information on the political and historical events that led to the demise of Jesus of Nazareth.

    ‘Killing Jesus’ is a rehash of what we already know. I think it is suitable for those that are not familiar with the history of Jesus.

    Thanks for stopping by at Arlene’s Book Club!

  10. Mike
    Very interesting and honest review. I really believe the Bible is the most accurate concerning the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. Not sure if there’s really alot of new facts that you can add to a 2,000 year old story.
    I have never read the book myself but I have read the story in the Bible countless times and the book did indeed catch my interest. A writer with a bit of imagination can really create a captivating read.

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