The Recipe Box Book Club Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think about the author Wade Rouse using his grandmother’s name as a pen name in honor of her?

2. Do you have your own recipe box or have you been handed down a recipe box from your mother or grandmother?

3. We are living in the age of technology so when you are looking for a recipe do you immediately go to the internet or do you have a cookbook or cookbooks you use?

4. Do you share your favorite family or general recipes with your friends if they ask?

5. After reading The Recipe Box will you try to make some or all of the recipes in the book?

6. Did reading The Recipe Box make you want to see the grandeur of Lake Michigan if you have never seen it?

The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman
7. Do you think the author created believable characters and a believable family history story in this novel?

8. Some of the male characters in this book were on a different life path when they met the women who they fell in love with that changed their path to stay on and run the family business.

Did you ever make a life changing decision that stayed with you your whole life until right now?

9. Michigan, New York, New Jersey play a role in this book. Have you lived in or visited all or any of these three states and if so could you relate to the decisions made by the characters in this story?

10. What was your favorite part in the novel?

11. Would you recommend reading The Recipe Box to you friends or family?

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