After You Book Review

After You: Book Review by Dinh.



The conclusion of the first book Me Before You (2012), left a very sad and very emotional ending with the death of Will Traynor.

After You follows Louisa Clark’s life as she struggles to cope with the aftermath of his death.

We find Louisa living in a flat in London, a year and a half after Will’s death. She bought the flat with the money Will had left her. Continue reading “After You Book Review”

Everything I Never Told You Book Review

Book Review by Dinh.

3 stars out of 5



“Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet.”

This is the first line of the book.

This is a novel about the Chinese American family, James and Marilyn Lee, their daughters Lydia and Hannah, and their son Nathan.

The story is set in 1970s in a small town in Ohio. The father James is Chinese and a professor at the university. The mother Marilyn is Caucasian and a housewife. Continue reading “Everything I Never Told You Book Review”

The Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien

Please join us in reading The Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien for our suggested book club monthly reading.

The Little Red Chairs by Edna O'Brien

We will be reviewing The Little Red Chairs along with our monthly book club discussions for October 31st, 2016.

O’Brien prolific works include numerous novels, short stories, drama, poetry and non-fiction books.

This is Edna O’Brien’s latest book in over 10 years. Continue reading “The Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien”

A Man Called Ove Book Review

A Man Called Ove: Book Review by Dinh.

5 out of 5 stars



On the exterior, Ove looks like an old grumpy man. His life is made of strict principles and routines. His daily routines involves inspection of the neighborhood, making sure bikes should be where bikes are suppose to be, and noting any strange or new cars around.

Ove is lonely without his wife Sonja who passed away a few years back. He has no motivation to live and plans to take care of this by killing himself. Continue reading “A Man Called Ove Book Review”

A Man Called Ove Book Club Discussion Questions

Please put your comments for A Man Called Ove book club discussion questions in the comments area below.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

1. Ove acts on principles all of his life. Do you think that having such strong principles make him so inflexible and annoying to others? What advantages do you see for having such strict principles.

2. Did you enjoy A Man Called Ove and who would you recommend to read it? Continue reading “A Man Called Ove Book Club Discussion Questions”

Dark Prince Book Review

Dark Prince: Book Review by Dinh.

3 stars out of 5



Raven Whitney is on a needed break from her job as a telepathic hunter of serial killers. Whilst resting at an inn in the Carpathian Mountains, she hears a lonely and desperate voice that gets her attention.

The voice she hears is of Mikhail Dubrinsky, the Dark Prince of the Carpathians. The Carpathians are not a race of human but an immortal race that look like humans and have telepathic powers and the ability to change into animals as well as mist. Continue reading “Dark Prince Book Review”

The City and The City Book Review

The City and the City: Book Review by Dinh.

3 stars out of 5


The City and The City Book Review


In the city of Beszel, a woman is found murdered and Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad has to investigate the case.

At the offset,  Borlú suspects that what looks like a straight forward murder is far from that.

As Borlú delves into the case, it brings him into the other city of Ul Qoma where he has to work with  Ul Qoman detective Qussin Dhatt. Together the two try to unravel a case that will involve conspiracies and perhaps take on more than they can handle. Continue reading “The City and The City Book Review”

The Husband’s Secret Book Review

The Husband’s Secret: Book Review by Dinh.

4 stars

The Husband's Secret Book Review



The story pivots on three main characters: Celia, Tess and Rachel.

Celia has what appears to be a perfect life. She has a successful Tupperware business, a great husband and three wonderful kids. When she finds a letter in the attic from her husband John-Paul to her to be opened when he dies, she does not know what can of worms she is about to open. Continue reading “The Husband’s Secret Book Review”

A Spool of Blue Thread Book Review

A Spool of Blue Thread: Book Review by Arlene

4 stars








These are the words on a plaque I have had hanging in my kitchen for many many years. I believe all families, large and small, could say truer words were never spoken. Continue reading “A Spool of Blue Thread Book Review”