Best Books of 2019 and Happy Holidays!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wanted to do a quick post before I left for our Christmas vacation to wish our readers a great winter break and to do a quick recommendation for the best books of 2019.

I hope you enjoy all the festivities, and or, a good book or two!

I will be away for just over two weeks visiting my family in England! This is my favorite time of year when I get to have fabulous feasts and lots of catching up with friends and family. I can’t wait to see everyone!

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The Clockmaker’s Daughter Book Review

Book review by Dinh.

3.5 Stars

Read synopsis here.


I was very excited to read The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton for our monthly read. I haven’t read any of her books before and was keen to discover a new author to love.

From the book jacket’s description it seemed like a read I would totally love- one with ghosts, murder and mystery.

But did it meet my expectations? Sad to say, but it did not wow me. I enjoyed the book but it was all over the place.

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The Clockmaker’s Daughter Book Club Discussion Questions

Read synopsis here.

1.The book is told in lots of voices. Did you enjoy the numerous voices, or did you find it distracting and confusing?

2. Which character did you like the most? Why?

3. Elodie’s mother Lauren Adler was a famous cellist. She died when Elodie was young and Elodie didn’t get a chance to know her. What expectations are there on children of famous people and how does it affect them?

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The Farm Book Club Discussion Questions

1.The Filipinos in the book made sacrifices for their family in the Philippines. Ate, specifically, worked and sent money back to the Philippines in order to care for her son. She sacrificed herself for her child, would you do that? Would you go to all the lengths to provide for your child if you were in her shoes?

2. The Farm had many themes such as class, family, sacrifices, motherhood, love, assimilation, immigration, gender, race, religion etc. Which theme impacted you the most? Which theme stood out?

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The Light Of Paris Book Review

Book review by Arlene.

5 out of 5 stars


“Paris In The Rain Is Still Paris”-Catherine Remini McReynolds, November 18, 1923.

The Light Of Paris will give the readers of this wonderful novel a real glimpse of Paris, the streets, the shops, the clubs, the people, the history, the charm, the love and yes, “The Light of Paris.”

Through the eyes and hearts of the two main characters, Margie, the grandmother when she was young and in Paris as sort of companion/chaperone for a friend and Madeline, her granddaughter, who never really knew her grandmother until she visits her mother’s house and discovers her grandmother’s journals she wrote when she was in Paris as a young woman.

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The Light Of Paris Book Club Discussion Questions

1. How is Margie similar to her grand daughter Madeleine? What did they both want?

2. The book is written with Madeleine viewpoint in 1999 and what happened to her grandmother Margie in 1924. Did you enjoy the back and forth between the two stories in the book? Which story interested you more?

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