Love After Love Book Club Discussion Questions

Read Love After Love book review.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think of Solo’s reaction to finding out the truth about the death of his father? Do you think he was over reacting? Was this pivotal in Solo’s unhappiness?

2. Domestic abuse in Betty’s life can be attributed to her husband drinking too much. Did you sympathize with Betty when the accident happened? Or do you think she should have gone to jail?

3. Why didn’t Solo make friends when he was in New York?

4. Family, migration, faith, friendship, love, are some of the themes in the book. Which themes impacted you the most? Why?

5. Which part of the book made you laugh?

6. What part of the book surprised you?

7. Which character did you like the most? why?

8. Was Love After Love a page turner for you? What pulled you in?

9. Did you find the language and the directness of the author’s style off putting or did it enhance the authenticity of the story?

10. Solo started cutting himself to get relief. Did you see that coming in the book? Did it surprise you?

11. What did you think of Betty and Mr. Chetan’s relationship? How did their relationship change throughout the book?

12. How do you feel about Betty’s and Solo’s relationship? How do you think she could have improved on it?

13. What did you think of the ending? Were you satisfied with it?

14. After reading Love After Love, who would you recommend it to?

Check out Ingrid Persaud as she talks about Love After Love in the video below.

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