Dava Shastri’s Last Day Book Review

Book review by Dinh.

4 stars


Dava Shastri’s Last Day pulled me in right away with its beautiful book cover and the book jacket blurb. It was a promising start and I hoped it would continue to entice me.

I really enjoyed this book and here’s why you should check it out!

Debut author Kirthana Ramisetti did a marvelous job in keeping me entertained.

Story Line

Wouldn’t it be nice to read your obituaries before you die? The premise of this book is just about that and what it entails.

First you have to be super rich – so rich that you have a private island on which you can hide away from the public.

Second, you pull strings to announce that you’re dead and then read the news about your death and what people are saying about you. What you hope is being said about you may not be what they are saying though. You want to be remembered for your philanthropic work but your secrets that you’ve tried to hide come out instead!

This book is a character driven book and opens up slowly to reveal Dava’s life and how she got to where she did. It does start slow and you do have to figure out who’s who but as her life unfolds it gets interesting.

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Author’s Style

Firstly, Ramisetti did a great job in creating an interesting book. It touched upon so many things, different themes to make you think about life.

Secondly, I liked the way the book was peppered with statements or opinions about Dava. Structurally it made it more enjoyable as the book was more cohesive and gave a different perspective to the protagonist.

Thirdly, I applaud Ramisetti for creating a story about an influential woman who is of Indian heritage.

Fourthly, I loved all the music references. It was all entertaining!


What a cast of characters! Dava’s family are all unique in their ways and not likable. The main thread of their clan is that they do love each other even though they constantly bicker.

I had a love to hate relationship with the main character. Dava although philanthropic, is not a nice person! I didn’t like that she was so selfish. It’s always about what she needs so she can be great at whatever she is doing.

The only person I liked in the book was Dava’s husband Arvid.


I enjoyed the ending. It was nice to know what happened after Dava’s death.

My Final Thoughts

I enjoyed Dava Shastri’s Last Day by Kirthana Ramisetti. It was a light entertaining read with some heavy themes about life and legacy.

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