A Man Called Ove Book Club Discussion Questions

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A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

1. Ove acts on principles all of his life. Do you think that having such strong principles make him so inflexible and annoying to others? What advantages do you see for having such strict principles.

2. Did you enjoy A Man Called Ove and who would you recommend to read it?

3. There are numerous side characters that add depth and realism to this book (Parvaneh, The Lanky One, Anita, Jimmy, Rune). Which character did you you think added the most credence to this book and why? Who could you identify with?

4. There were so many humorous scenes in the book. Which one did you like the best? Can you imagine them happening with other people?

5. There were also moments in the book that were touching. Which did you like best?

6. We see Ove’s personality emerge slowly from bits of his past. Did you think that the author intended it this way and why? How does this make you feel towards Ove as we find out his life history in small bits?

7. Ove and Sonja’s love story is very interesting. Ove says he doesn’t know why Sonja chose him as they are like night and day. Ove realizes he is night. Do you think that their romance is typical? Why do you think that they were so well matched?

8. Ove says that there is a time in your life when you decide what sort of person you are going to be: on that gets walked on or not. After the fire of his house, Ove decides what sort of man he is. Is there a point in your life where you decide what sort of person you will be, or is this a gradual process?

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4 thoughts on “A Man Called Ove Book Club Discussion Questions

    1. Hello Becky!
      I loved A Man Called Ove as well.
      Backman’s style is very easy to read and his attention to the details of the characters make them realistic and funny.

      I am glad you liked this as much as I did. 🙂

  1. I will most definitely be purchasing “A Man Called Ove”, right from the first line of your review you grabbed my attention, you get a sense of this lonely person clinging on to some purpose in life but the deciding factor for me is within the last paragraph “Ove says that there is a time in your life that you decide what sort of person you are going to be” – brilliant, I’m hooked 🙂

    1. Hi June!
      Thanks for your comments.
      I was struck by that quote because that was an important part of what Ove is about. He is a straightforward guy and has principles and that can get him into a sticky mess sometimes.
      It’s a beautiful story that will make you laugh!

      I hope you enjoy the book!

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