Girl, Woman, Other Book Club Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions:

1. Were you surprised by the lack of grammar in the book? Did you like the style of writing? Did the lack of grammar impede on your reading experience? What do you think the author was trying to achieve in not using grammar?

2. The book had twelve main characters each with their own stories. Did you find find it confusing or were you able to follow the thread of the book? What did you think of the format?

3. The characters came from various cultures, Nigeria, Barbados, Malawi to name a few, did their ethnic background and voice paint a different image of what you’d expect of British culture and demographics? What did you think of immigrant experience in the U.K.?

4. Nzinga was a “teetotal, vegan, non-smoking, radical feminist separatist housebuilder” and Dominique was a ” drinking, drug-dabbling, chain-smoking lesbian feminist carnivorous clubber who produced theatre by women.” Dominique was quite different to Nzinga but she follow her to America. Were you surprised by Dominique decision and her relationship with Nzinga? Why do you think Dominique stayed so long with Nzinga?

5. There were many themes such as gender, identity, race, feminism, sexuality, family bonds, and friendship to name a few- What themes impacted you the most? Which theme did you think was important?

6. Which part of the book did you find amusing?

7. Were you surprised by any part of the book?

8. Evaristo highlighted the trauma of rape in Carole’s story. How does Carole’s traumatic experience change her and her relationships with others? Do you think Carole should have told her mother?

9. Sexual identity was a main theme that intersected the characters. Some knew their sexuality identity and some learned about it. Dominique knew she was a lesbian. Carole’s mother Bummi explored her sexuality with Omofe but felt shame from it. What do you think of Evaristo’s depiction of sexual identity among the characters?

10. Of all the characters in the book, who did you relate to and why?

11. What does feminism mean to you? Do you see yourself as a feminist?

12. After reading Girl, Woman, Other, who would you recommend it to?

Enhance Your Book Club:

Check out Study Guide: Girl, Woman, Other for chapter summaries and analysis. Also included are important quotes, main themes and character analysis.

Check out this video with Bernadine Evaristo talking about her Girl, Woman Other.

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    1. Hi Chazzz,
      yes that’s a good question. I was thinking of punctuation in the question but on reflection I should have included the rest of the grammar. I should have included a question about grammar as a whole -the construction of the sentences with and without the punctuation, how the sentences were crafted in general etc.
      Thank you for pointing that out!

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