It’s Always The Husband Book Review

It’s Always The Husband: Book review by Arlene.

5 out of 5 stars

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Before I say anything else, let me say… do yourself a favor and do not sneak a peek at the end of this book!!!

I feel this book is skillfully written and it deserves your attention page by page until the last page!

So “It’s Always The Husband”… or is it!!

It’s Always The Husband will bring you into the lives of 3 very different young women. Kate, Aubrey and Jenny meet as freshmen roommates on the first day at Carlisle College.

As Lisa Unger states: ” A compelling and twisting story of friendship, buried secrets and revenge ” It’s Always The Husband” gets deep beneath the surface of the ties that bind. Intricately plotted and driven by an undeniable momentum, Michele Campbell’s riveting story grabs on, holds tight, and haunts even after this book is closed. Don’t miss it!”

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In my opinion, I found myself becoming instantly engrossed in the lives of these three young women…where they came from and what brought them to Carlisle College in the first place.

As different as their lives were and as different as their personalities are is what held them together. It seemed the love the felt for each other started from the moment they met in their dorm apartment on that first day at Carlisle. They had no idea where the next four years would take them and where their lives would lead them after they graduated.

They have their usual freshman experiences while adjusting to each other and college life and accepting or not accepting the responsibilities they would be faced with and the decisions they would be forced to make as the years went by.

I felt that Michele Campbell really gets into the hearts, minds and souls of each of these young women and brought it front and center to the written page. she brings into the story the young men who come into their lives as the years go by and how those relationships turn these friendship into turmoil and mistrust and eventually revenge and disaster.

This novel unravels for us, page by page… it brings us in and keeps us turning those pages… you never can really tell where it is all going and where it will ultimately lead.

As the 3 young women grow and expand throughout the novel it is so well written and I could not stop turning the pages and when I had to put the book down I could not wait to pick it back up again.

So we are with them through college and all those experiences, then we are with them as they move on and become adults, have careers, get married, have kids, experience happiness and heartbreak and death.

As they become adult women, their journeys are very different but they still cling to the friendships, good or bad as their lives move along.

As in all human relationships there is passion, love, hate and betrayal all over the pages of this novel. When you’re in deep into a great novel you can feel the emotion and it stays with you. I felt this book achieved that level.

If you choose to read this book, I think you will be glad you did. I think these characters and situations will stay with you for awhile and you will not soon forget this book. It will bring you in, hold you there and startle you at the end of the last page.

This one goes to the top of my list for 2019 so far!

Michele Campbell completed her mission as an author who can keep you immersed into a story until the ending.

Back to the beginning…”It’s Always The Husband”… or is it???

This novel is outstanding!!

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7 thoughts on “It’s Always The Husband Book Review

  1. A favourite of this year? That goes to show just how wonderful this book was. It sounds like this one was a very character driven read but that didn’t stop it from making the plot hook you in. All of the women sound unique to each other and like you want to know more about what is happening. It is so good that it kept you turning pages and I am going to have to check this one out!

    1. Hi Olivia Yes this novel was very character driven. Each of these young women were so very different from each other but each one was held together to the other two by a central thread of love and loyalty to the others. That is not to say there were many moments of drama throughout the pages. You never knew what would come next. The ending was a bit predictable but in my opinion this one is well worth reading. Thanks for your comments..nice to hear from you again!!

    1. Hello Alex Yes this novel was a real page turner….lots of twists and turns as the lives of these young women grew and moved on. The twist at the end was was suspeneful as the book was winding down to the last pages but in my opinion predictable….it did not make the book less enjoyable as it was so well written. I appreciate your comments..thanks!!

  2. Hi Erica I also loved the cover of this book I noticed it when I was in Barnes and Noble and drew me in. If you decide to read it I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by….

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