It’s Always The Husband Book Club Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1.Kate, Aubrey and Jenny were three young women from different backgrounds when they met at college. Did you think that they were likely to be best friends?

2. At the beginning of the book, who did you like the most of the three friends? Why?

3. Drugs and parties were a staple in college. Do you think that it was likely that Aubrey got addicted to it? Do you blame Kate for encouraging Aubrey?

4. Do you see Aubrey as the weakest of the three friends?

5. How does the girls’ relationship change after the accident?

6.“People in Belle River don’t kill themselves. We suck up the hard times and go on.” Jenny made this statement before she signed the document from attorney Adams.

Why did she sign it? Do you think that there’s a difference between the folks of Belle River and other people? Is Jenny different?

7. How is Griff and Kate alike? Do you think they have a toxic relationship?

8. Were you surprised that Jenny married Tim and Kate married Griff?

9. Which character did you like the most at the end of the book? Why?

10. Did you like the ending? Was it what you expected?

11. After reading It’s Always The Husband, who would you recommend it to?

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