Love Lettering Book Club Discussion Questions

Read synopsis.

Discussion Questions:

1. At the beginning of the book, Meg had a creative block. As her livelihood depended on her creativeness it was very important for her to get over the block. Can you relate to her struggles? What would you have done in her position?

2. Were you surprise to find out about Reid’s secret? What did you think he was hiding from Meg?

3. Meg and Reid played games as they walked the city. Which game did you like the best? Which part of the city walk did you enjoy?

4. Meg was a letters girl by profession and Reid was a numbers boy in his job. Do you think of them as letters and numbers? Are you a numbers or letters person? Do you think of people as such?

5. Reid was very reserved and stiff when we first meet him. What did you think of him at first? Did you end up liking him? Why, why not?

6. The book was told in the first person; in Meg’s voice. We get Reid’s perspective when he writes a very long letter to Meg. What did you think of his explanation? Was his ‘voice’ what you expected?

7. Do you think Reid and Meg were suited to each other at the beginning of the book? Did your opinion change as you read more?

8. Love Lettering was not only a love story but one about friendships. Were you surprised that Meg became friends with Lark? Why do you think they became friends? What characteristics did each have that pulled them in?

9. Meg and Sibby were besties for a long time. Meg was upset that they were drifting apart but didn’t know how to handle it. Meg had good advice from a co-worker Lachelle and she took that advice. Did it surprise you to find out why Sibby was distant with Meg? What lessons did Meg learn?

10. What were your thoughts on Lark and Cameron’s relationship?

11. Before reading Love Lettering were you knowledgeable about the different aspects of meg’s work? Which aspect of her job did you enjoy?

12. The book was about signs. How well do you think Meg read the signs in regards to Reid? What about Lark and Sibby?

13. Did you enjoy Love Lettering? Who would you recommend this to?

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