Olive, Again Book Club Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions:

1. Olive, Again had many humorous parts, which part of the book did you find the most funny?

2. There were many themes in the book. One of the main themes relates to old age and the problems older people face. Did it make you more aware of what you may have to face when you reach the 70s? Did you relate to these themes?

3. In Jack’s story, we get to know him more when he gets pulled over going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. He was sarcastic to the police officer. What was your first impression of Jack? What did you think of him? Did you like him? How did your perception of him change as you read more?

4. Olive Ketterridge was not your typical old woman. Did you find Olive annoying or endearing? Did you like her personality? Which characteristics did you like or dislike?

5. The story is told in a series of short stories that are interconnected. Did you like this approach to story telling? Did the author manage it successfully or did you find it confusing or disconnected?

6. Were you surprised that Olive and Jack’s relationship worked? Why do you think they were suited? What characteristics did Jack like about Olive and vice versa?

7.Imagine at my age, starting over again.”

What do you think of starting over at a later stage in life? What does Olive’s situation and other widower’s show?

8. Did you find any of the stories surprising?

9. What do you make of Olive and her son Christopher relationship? Why does Olive not see her son much? Why are they not close?

10. Whose story moved you the most?

11. After reading Olive, Again who would you pass it on to?

Enhance Your Book Club:

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