Pieces Of Her Book Club Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions:

1.What did you think of Andy at the beginning of the book? Did you think she was coddled by her mother? Did your opinion of Andy change by the end of the book?

2. Andy left New York and returned to Belle Isle when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Why did she do that? What does that show about her?

3. Andy killed Hoodie. Would you kill someone to protect a person you love?

4. Which character did you like the most? Why?

5. Do you think Andy’s and Laura’s relationship was typical? What sort of relationship did they have?

6. Do you think Laura’s tough love attitude toward Andy when she threw her out was good for Andy?

7. The omniscient narrator focused half Laura’s and half Andy’s point of view. Did you enjoy how the story was told?

8. One of the themes in the book was secrets and motherhood. If you were Laura would you keep the secret from your daughter?

9. Did you see Nick as a cult leader? What did you think of him? How did he get people to do his bidding?

10. Why did Jane do things that Nick asked? Could you understand Jane’s behavior?

11. Were you surprised that Laura gave Andy a makeup bag with a lot of cash and a key-card to a storage unit? What does this show you about Laura? What were her plans?

12. Did you enjoy the ending? Why did Laura visit Nick in prison?

13. Having read Pieces of Her, would you check out Karin Slaughter’s other books?

14. Who would you recommend Pieces of Her to?

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