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Station Eleven: Book Review by Mike

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Station Eleven Book Review






Station Eleven Book Review

“Station Eleven”, authored by Canadian writer, Emily St. John Mandel is a truly inspiring piece of fiction, one that transcends time, space and the human spirit.

The story begins in downtown Toronto, in the midst of the tumultuous life of famous stage and screen actor, Arthur Leander. Little do we know that his personal tragedy which occurs that first night was merely a harbinger of even greater devastation to come.

“Station” is the post-apocalyptic tale of lives loosely associated through and around the larger than life Leander, some who were dealt the hand of survival by mere chance during the last hours of modern civilization and also unfortunate lives of those who did not.


Station Eleven book Recommendation


Mandel has done a superb job building this tale, especially in capturing the essence of each primary character, what motivates them and what defines them as individuals in a society that is about to come crashing down upon them.

Mandel’s descriptions and beautiful prose are a joy to read, often provoking thought that embraces the human experience and takes the reader beyond the telling of this story.

She did a superb job at juggling the “before and after” of the characters whose experiences shape this tale of survival, not just of the collapse, but of our modern day struggles as well that quickly become so incredibly insignificant in the blink of an eye.

Her writing style is elegant but not overly esoteric so that this novel will be enjoyed by a wide variety of readers. Although this novel is categorized as post-apocalyptic fiction, it will also satisfy those of you who wish to be moved by the human experience and the limits of our psychology.

Mandel weaves through the past and present seamless and always at the appropriate times when such context is required to keep the story moving forward logically and then tying off each experience in a cascade of mini climaxes rather than one major finale. This is simply a wonderful and tale that flows at the right pace and is beautifully written.

I fully recommend our followers to pick up “Station Eleven” and go on this journey. I enjoyed it thoroughly and although I read through it quickly, part of me wishes it lasted just a bit longer.


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14 thoughts on “Station Eleven Book Review

  1. A post-apocalyptic tale; hasn’t this been over done?

    I hope it’s a least a page turner if you say it’s a good read.

    1. Hi Maisie,
      thanks for stopping by and commenting on Station Eleven book review.

      Who doesn’t like a post-apocalyptic tale? The book is a good read so no it hasn’t been over done. It’s not a zombie book and does not resemble The Walking Dead in any form.

      Check it out and let me know if you enjoyed reading it:)

    1. Hi Susan,
      thanks for stopping by and commenting on Station Eleven book review!

      The story is post apocalypse and the world is ravaged by a virus but there are no zombies. It’s not The Walking Dead!

      Please drop by again!

  2. Hello Mike,
    I looked at your website page and really enjoyed the layout and the reviews. You have reviews on all sort of genres which makes it very appealing to me.

    I love books. My only problem is that I do not have time (or I am not making time to read to put it that way).

    I liked that Station Eleven is offered in two forms: read and audio. That is great as I am always busy and would do better with an audio book.

    The free book on amazon audible trial is a great way to get started and start reading again.

    Tim (aka KuSo)

    1. Hi Tim,
      thanks for stopping by and checking out our site and my book review on Station Eleven.

      Most of our readers prefer paper books, however for convenience some prefer ebooks or audio books. Whatever you prefer it is a great way to read and make the most of your time.

      An audio book in the car is a great way to enjoy a book whilst driving to work.

      Let us know if you find Station Eleven to your liking!

  3. Thank you for sharing Station Eleven book review and sharing your thoughts on the novel.

    I have never read any of Mandel’s work before but sounds like she’s a fantastic read. I love these post and pre apocalyptic tales. Are her other works of similar genre?

    Station Eleven sounds like it will make a great movie! I wonder who would make the leading role?

    1. Hi Sam,
      thanks for stopping by and comment on my review.

      I have only read Mandel’s Station Eleven, although she is author to Last Night in Montreal (2009), The Singer’s gun (2010) and the Lola Quarter (2012). Each of these books have different story lines so I don’t think they are similar.

      I am a big fan of Brad Pitt and think he’s a very talented actor so I would choose him for the leading role.

      Please stop by again!

  4. Not only do I like post apocalyptic stories, but I also live very close to Toronto. I love survival stories and this one seems like a subtle kind not the kind with lots of horror and gore.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely putting this book on my list.

    1. Hi Casey,
      thanks for stopping by and commenting on Station Eleven book review!

      Mandel was born and raised on the Denman’s Island in British Columbia, Canada and then went to study in Toronto for a stint.

      I do think you will enjoy this book immensely since this sounds like your genre. There is not any horror or gore but there is some violence.

      Do let me know if you like it.

  5. Hi

    This book seems like something I would greatly enjoy. I am glad it has nothing to do romance as I find those boring.

    This review makes me believe that this book is captivating and not boring, but filled with a lot of mystery of the mind and soul. Is it a soul searching book?

    1. Hi Uwais,
      thanks for stopping by and commenting on Station Eleven book review.

      There’s no romance and the book is not soul searching so you should be okay reading this book if that sort of thing doesn’t interest you.

      Let me know if you like it 🙂

  6. Hey there, it’s Alexey!
    I am not much of a reader as I would like, I am more a musician and one thing is sure though – This book sounds fascinating and you have done a really good job here in getting me interested!

    This short review of Station Eleven was covered in an insightful way, and I am sure people who are looking for it will be happy when they will find this book review.

    Thanks for the share:)

    1. Hi Alexy!

      Thanks for reading the Station Eleven book review and leaving a comment.

      It is a good book to read and I hope you enjoy it!

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