The Christos Mosaic Book Club Questions

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1. What did you enjoy the most in The Christos Mosaic?

2. The three main characters in The Christos Mosaic were from quite different background. Did you find the trio’s characters in The Christos Mosaic realistic and who did you find the most likable?

3. The theme of the book centers on the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls and the implications it would have on Christianity it if came to light and made public about its findings. If such scrolls revealed a different depiction of Jesus and the Christian faith, would it change your way of thinking and your belief?

4. The author Vicent Czyz takes you from various locations from Turkey to Egypt; did you find his description and imagery evoking your imagination and inspire you to want to see these amazing places?

5. The Christos Mosaic’s premise that perhaps Jesus did not walk the earth; knowing this premise, do you think this controversial book would be appropriate for everyone? Who would benefit the most from reading this?

6. After finishing The Christos Mosaic book, did you find the ending surprising? Was it how you expected the tale to end?

7. Can you envision this book being made into a movie?


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