The Clockmaker’s Daughter Book Club Discussion Questions

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1.The book is told in lots of voices. Did you enjoy the numerous voices, or did you find it distracting and confusing?

2. Which character did you like the most? Why?

3. Elodie’s mother Lauren Adler was a famous cellist. She died when Elodie was young and Elodie didn’t get a chance to know her. What expectations are there on children of famous people and how does it affect them?

4. Ada Lovegrove’s story played a prominent part in the story line. Did you enjoy Ada Lovegrove’s story? Did you see how her story would link back into the main plot?

5. Birchwood Manor was like another character in the book. Edward had a strong connection to Birchwood Manor as he felt pulled towards it. Did you ever feel a connection to a place?

6. “Mrs Mack was kind enough in her way. It was a way that included plenty of beatings for those that got on the wrong side and a sharp tongue so sharp it lashed, but she was fairer than most.”

What did you think of Mrs. Mack? Was she good to Birdie? Did Birdie managed Mrs. Mack, or did Mrs. Mack manipulate Birdie?

7. Elodie is about to get married to Alistair. Do you think that Alistair is right for her? Why is she marrying him? What do you think she will do at the end of the book?

8. “Past, present, and future is meaningless; I am outside time. Here and there, and there and here, at once.

Did you think Morton’s use of the ghost’s narrative help create a sense of time and timelessness?

9. Lucy Radcliffe’s School for Young Ladies was a concept that her brother Edward had wanted her to start when he gave her Birchwood Manor. Lucy had said that he had a gift of persuading people to do what they wanted. Why do you think Lucy opened the school? What did she get out of it? What was her mission and did she achieve it?

10. Why do you think that Birdie and Pale Joe became good friends? What did they have to offer each other? Did it is seem realistic that they were friends?

11. Were you surprised to find out who Pale Joe was at the end? Was there anything else that surprised you?

12. One of the theme in the book is story telling. Tales are told of The tale of the Eldritch Children and their Fairy Queen and stories that Elodie was told as a child. Do you have stories that were told to you or others?

13. Which theme in the book was a main focus for you?

14. What did you think of Jack and his connection with Ada’s family line? What affect did Jack have on Elodie?

15. What did you think of the ending? Did you find it satisfying to find out what happened in the end?

16. Having read the book, who would you recommend it to?

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