The Farm Book Club Discussion Questions

1.The Filipinos in the book made sacrifices for their family in the Philippines. Ate, specifically, worked and sent money back to the Philippines in order to care for her son. She sacrificed herself for her child, would you do that? Would you go to all the lengths to provide for your child if you were in her shoes?

2. The Farm had many themes such as class, family, sacrifices, motherhood, love, assimilation, immigration, gender, race, religion etc. Which theme impacted you the most? Which theme stood out?

3. Out of the main characters, Jane, Ate, Mae, and Reagan, which character did you like the most? Why?

4. Which character did you least like? Why?

5. Jane and Ate rented a bed in a dorm. Then Jane got an apartment that she shared with her cousin Ate. What are your thoughts on renting a bed for the day? Did you know you could do that?

6. Does the idea Golden Oaks seem outrageous? Can you see it happening in the future? Would you ever want to be a Host? Who do you think would apply to be a surrogate?

7. Were you surprised that Jane ran away from Golden Oaks to see her daughter?

8. Jane and Reagan become friends even though they come from two very different backgrounds. What did Reagan see in Jane and vice versa?

9. Were you surprised that Jane ended up working for Mae? Do you think that Jane made a good decision? Who do you think benefited?

10. After reading The Farm, who would you recommend it to?

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