The Last Time I Saw You Book Club Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1.Were you surprised by who the murderer was? Did you guess right?

2. Kate English and Blaire Barrington’s friendship ended because of Simon and a difference in opinions. What did you think about the friendship between Kate and Blaire? Do you think that their friendship was tenuous? Have you fallen out with a friend because of a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

3. Which character did you least like? Which character did you like?

4. Can you relate to, or identify with any of the characters?

5. Kate had lots of threats that focused on nursery rhymes as a theme. Did you enjoy the reference to the nursery rhymes? Did you find it gruesome?

6. Was the author successful in creating suspense? Did the book keep guessing about who the killer was?

Discussion Questions

7. One of the themes in the book is the discrepancy between the rich and the not so rich, as highlighted by Kate and Blaire’s background. How significant does the wealth play in molding the characters?

8. Death and a loss of a mother brought Kate and Blaire back together again. Lily, Kate’s mother had taken Blaire under her wing and was like a mother to her. Who do you think took Lily’s death the worse? How strong was Blaire and Lily’s relationship?

9. What did you think of the ending? Were you surprised by it?

10. Where do you think the relationship between Kate and Blaire will go after the end?

11. Did you enjoy The Last Time I Saw You? Would you recommend it?

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