The Martian: Book Club Discussion Questions Part 2

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Question 1.

After reading the book, do you think astronauts will ever actually land on Mars and survive the planet?


Question 2.

Do you think the expense and risk involved in sending ships, people, and all that is involved in these space operations all worth it in the end to save Mark?


Question 3.

To what extent does Andy Weir make you feel connected to Mark? How does the author do that?


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2 thoughts on “The Martian: Book Club Discussion Questions Part 2

  1. Question 1: Yes, I think that in the future astronauts will be able to survive Mars.

    Question 2:No, but it’s a story so it makes sense that the author would put that in the story line.

    Question 3:I was connected through his personality- I liked his sense of humor.

    1. I agree with you Tara. The future presents endless opportunities and being an optimist I think that astronauts will be able to land on Mars and live there.
      I recently read on NASA’s website that Mars did in fact have lakes over 3 billion years ago and current findings support this. In addition, current findings confirms that there is water flow in Mars right now. Given this new information, I think that Mars could provide a sustainable habitat for astronauts in the future.

      I also agree with you that I would not have saved Mark. Not only is it an expensive operation but it puts the lives of the other astronauts at risk. Well, if they didn’t try to save him then there wouldn’t be much of a story line. I liked how the story takes a turn here and there and that they were able to try and save him.

      Even though we don’t know much about Mark’s history I felt connected to him immediately because Andy Weir made Mark such a like-able character. Mark is a sassy everyday type of guy.
      The log that Mark writes in captures his personality really well from how he handles stressful situations, to him appreciating the little things in life.
      Mark’s sense of humor is a winner in the book. The little reference joke of “Nothing Tea” made me laugh.
      Somehow Andy Weir even made a reference to the children’s book “The Giving Tree” . I can appreciate those nuggets of information.

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