The Midnight Library Book Club Discussion Questions

Read synopsis.

Discussion Questions:

1. At the start of The Midnight Library, Nora was depressed and anxious and nothing was going right for her. She had so many regrets. Why do you think Nora turned to suicide? Why did she think this was her only option?

2. What did you think of Nora? How did you feel about her? Could you relate to her and what she was going through?

3. Why was Mrs. Elms the librarian at the midnight library? What was her relationship with Nora? Why was she significant?

4. How did you feel about Nora at the beginning of the book and then towards the end?

5. The Midnight Library mentioned philosophers such as Bertrand Russell, Henry David Thoreau, Lao Tzu, Jean-Paul Sartre et cetera. What do you think is the relevance of these philosophers and their philosophies? How does their philosophies relate to Nora’s life?

6. Nora’s alternate lives included her marrying her ex-fiancĂ© Dan, being a glaciologist and winning the Olympics. Which of Nora’s other life did you enjoy reading the most? Why?

7. Nora Seed had Mrs. Elm and the midnight library and Hugo Lefevre had his uncle Philipe and the video store. What would be your portal to your life?

8. What made Nora go back to her root life? What did she realize?

9. What did you think of the ending? Was it what you expected?

10. Do you think Nora will end up with Ash in her root life?

11. What was your take-away from The Midnight Library?

12. Having read The Midnight Library, will you read Haig’s other books?

13. Who would you recommend this book to?

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Enhance Your Book Club:

Check out the Study Guide: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig for summary and analysis of the book. It includes commentary on characters, themes and important quotes.

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