The Valley of Amazement Book Club Discussion Questions

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The Valley of Amazement book club discussion questions


1. After reading The Valley of Amazement would you recommend this book to a friend to read?

2. Did you find the historical facts about the courtesan life to be believable and did you find the very graphic dialogue offensive?

3. Did the novel hold your interest throughout or did you find it tedious reading?

4. What are your thoughts on the characterizations of the men portrayed in this novel?

5. If you ave read other novels by Amy Tan how would you rate The Valley of Amazement compared to say The Joy Luck Club?

6. Did you like the way this novel ended and the relationship issues at last resolved for mother and daughter?


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2 thoughts on “The Valley of Amazement Book Club Discussion Questions

  1. I loved it because of the relationships
    and the range of emotions and the cultural details introduced by Tan. I listened to 21 discs of an audio book. The language is rough but also makes the characters more vivid. Listening, I was transformed away from driving on the highway. Tonight I fully expect to dream in Chinese!

    1. Hi Roxanne!
      I am glad you loved it.
      I liked the relationship aspect of the book too. However, because of the topic of courtesans, I did find the imagery too graphic for my liking.
      I have to check out the audio book!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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