The Wife Book Club Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions:

1.What were your initial impression of Angela? How did your opinion of her change over the course of the book?

2. What did you imagine Angela’s history would be? Did it surprise you when you found out the secret she was trying to hide?

3. Which character did you like the most? What did you like or not like about him or her?

4. Was there anything in the book that surprised you?

5. What was your least favorite part in the book?

6. How did you find the pace of the book? Was it a page- turner?

7. What sort of relationship did Angela have with her mother? What would you do to protect your daughter and how far would you go?

8. What is Angela’s relationship like with her son Spencer?

9. There were many themes that the book touched, including maternal love, infidelity, rape, sexual harassment, abduction, trauma, starting over, to name a few. Which theme resonated with you?

10. Did you see the twist coming toward the end of the book? Did you like the ending?

11. Will you read another book by Alafair Burke? Why or why not?

12. After reading The Wife, would you recommend it and who to?

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