China Dolls Book Club Questions, Part 1.

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1.  After reading China Dolls were you surprised by the revelation of
who actually betrayed Ruby?


2.  The U.S.A. is made up of many different cultures. People from all
over the world want to come here to live the American Dream yet maintain
their own culture, traditions and celebrations. Did you find Grace,
Helen and Ruby struggling with that in their quest to keep dancing
during their personal struggles?


3. While reading China Dolls did the book keep you interested to the end?

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2 thoughts on “China Dolls Book Club Questions, Part 1.

  1. 1. Not to give away who betrayed Ruby, yes I was surprised who did it.
    3. The book kept me interested throughout. It was an easy read not too heavy.

    1. 1. I was also surprised by who actually betrayed Ruby. The author did a very clever job in keeping that fact hidden up until the end of the book.
      2.I did find the 3 central characters struggling to maintain their Asian cultures during the time in history represented in the book when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the Chinese people in San Francisco struggled to maintain their identities as not being Japanese.
      3. I continued to be interested in the story until the end.

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