China Dolls Book Club Questions, Part 2.

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1.  If you have read any of the other Lisa See books did you find China
Dolls to be one of her best?


2.  Did you feel the book ended with the way you thought it would? Were
you surprised how Lisa See incorporated the television industry and the
movie industry into the story?


3.  Would you recommend China Dolls?


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4 thoughts on “China Dolls Book Club Questions, Part 2.

  1. I enjoyed China dolls. A very interesting book that delves into the relationships of women and the assimilation of immigrants into American society. Framed by the events surrounding Pearl Harbor , it is a poignant look into the lives of the Chinese and Japanese living on the west coast during the war.

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      I am glad that you enjoyed China Dolls. I also enjoyed it and found it interesting. I thought See exhibited perspicacious insight in the relationship between the Helen, Ruby and Grace and them trying to integrate into American society- it was spot on. I can relate to that being of Chinese ethnicity and trying to find my place in English society (now American society).

      Thanks for your comment and please drop by again!

  2. 1.I felt Snowflower and The Secret Fan to be my favorite of Lisa See’s books so far.
    2.I was surprised at the ending . I thought for sure the three women would remain close throughout their lives.
    3. I would definitely recommend China Dolls. Lisa See did a great job
    Incorporating the history of the Chinese Nightclub Circuit into a very interesting novel of a unique friendship developing during that time and how it affected the lives of Ruby, Helen and Grace.

  3. 1. I don’t think China Dolls is one of her best books. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was her best.
    2. Not surprised at the ending but thought it was good.
    3. Yes i would recommend it. Interesting insight to the lives of the “China Dolls” on the chop suey circuit and their relationship through out.

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