Luckiest Girl Alive Book Club Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. What did you find most surprising in Luckiest Girl Alive?

2. Ani filmed the documentary introducing herself as Ani Harrison but then had to tape the introduction the second time where she introduces herself as TifAni FaNelli. Through out the book, her name varies from Tif, Finny,  Ani to TifAni. What’s the importance of the changes in her name and how does it impact her self image and identity?

3.Why did Ani decide to do the documentary? What did she have to prove? Describe how this affected her life pre-filming and the impact of it after, did she make the right choice for herself?

4. When Ani starts Bradley high school she is eager to fit in. Her mother Dina buys her new clothes and encourages her. Do you think that the pressure to fit in comes from her upbringing or her peers? Why is Ani so obsessed with her looks? How does her mother foster her in other ways? What are Dina’s values?

5. What are your feelings and impressions towards Dina when Ani tells her about the incident that happens at Dean’s? Do you think Dina blamed Ani? Discuss their mother-daughter relationship.

6. How does your opinion of Ani change as the book progresses? Did you empathize with her more or less? How did it impact your reading of the book?

7.  How does the title of the book, Luckiest Girl Alive, tie in with Ani. Was she lucky? How? When?

Luckiest Girl Alive Book Club Discussion Questions

8. Luke Harrison is from a wealthy family. He is a successful businessman in finance and is controlling of others. He is also engaged to Ani. Do you think they are well matched? Discuss their relationship. Why did Ani think she loved him? What turn of events make her think twice about their impending marriage?

9. Arthur Finnerman was a good friend to Ani. He was a loner, outcast, intelligent but was kind and thoughtful with Ani. Discuss their relationship. Why did Ani abandon him and his friendship so easily? What does it say about Ani? Do you think she made a wrong choice?

10. Could the tragedy at Bradley school been prevented? What steps could have been taken? How does Ani play a role in this, if any?

11. Bullying is rampant in the school from teachers to the popular kids. Dean, Peyton and their friends are bullies. Hillary and Olivia are popular girls and are bullies. Do you think that the school fosters and accepts this behavior? Do you see this as a precursor to the tragedy?

12. Ani is not attracted to popular kid Dean but she pretends she likes him. Dean is not a friend to Ani but he uses her to get his way and he is physically abusive to her. Why does Ani put up with him? What does she try to prove?

13. Why did Ani want to be friends with the HO’s (Hilary and Olivia) so much? What did Ani sacrifice to be friends with them? How does Ani’s friendship with Nell compare to that?

14. Bullying, social status, belonging , self-worth are some important themes in this novel. Which theme impacted you the most? Discuss each theme and how it relates to Ani.

15. Knoll’s writing goes back and forth from present day to Ani’s freshman year at Bradley. How successful was she in creating suspense this way? Did this add more enjoyment to your reading as you find out about Ani’s past?

16. Who would you recommend this book to? Why?

17. Reese Wetherspoon has optioned the film rights to Luckiest Girl Alive. Who do you think should play Ani in the movie adaption? Who would you cast for the other roles?

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5 thoughts on “Luckiest Girl Alive Book Club Discussion Questions

  1. Omg I am yet not done reading the book but I do seem to link one event to the other as I flip thru the pages at the beginning of the book I thought she was quite a stuck up rich girl but as I read thru I began to understand her.

    1. Hi Joana!
      I felt the same way too. She was projecting an image and as we find out about her past we can understand how she got where she is and relate to it.

      I love the sharp writing in this book too. 🙂

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