China Dolls by Lisa See

China Dolls by Lisa See

Please join us in reading our pick of the month book China Dolls by Lisa See.

China Dolls is on the New York Times best seller list and is named as one of the best book of the year by the Washington Post.

Author Lisa See is international well known for Snow Flower and the Secret FanPeony in Love, and Shanghai Girls.

We will be reviewing China Dolls for October 31st, 2015 along with our book club discussion.

China Dolls looks like a great historical fiction book to read this month and we look forward to hearing from you so please drop by!

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2 thoughts on “China Dolls by Lisa See

    1. Thanks for dropping in at Arlene’s Book Club.
      I am going to pick up China Dolls today to start reading it since I have just finished Gathering Prey.
      I know Arlene is finishing up right now on China Dolls so it’ll be interesting to see what she has to say about it.

      Thanks and pop by again!

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