Fates and Furies Book Club Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions:

1. Lotto’s story is under Fates, and Mathilde under Furies, why do you think  Groff divided the book like this? What the significance of it?

2. Lotto early years were very different to Mathilde. Lotto was told he was destined for greatness whereas Mathilde had the opposite experience, what effect do you think it had on them? How does it shape their perception and the rest of their lives?

3. We get a glimpse of another side of Mathilde, once when she was 4 and did something that ultimately lead to the demise of her baby brother, and the other when she got rid of Bridget (Lotto’s girlfriend at that time), do you think that this is the sort of person she is- calculating and manipulative? How do you perceive her?

4. The book is about a marriage. Did you think that their marriage was realistic and believable?

5. Did you connect to either Lotto or Matilde?

6. Why did Matilde not get total revenge on Chollie at the end when she could have given him to the FBI, especially when he was the culprit and instigator of breaking up her marriage to Lotto?

7. There were numerous twists and surprises in the story, especially on Matilde side of the story, what was the most memorable and why?

8. The novel’s theme is about secrets, Mathilde and Lotto had secrets that they kept from each other, do you think that having these secrets prevents the other person from knowing you? Did they know each other, and how does it impact their marriage and how they feel about each other?

9. The book makes reference to Greek myths, did you know much about it? Did you want to find out more about Greek gods after reading the book?

10. Did you enjoy the book? Who would you recommend this book to?


If you have other questions that we have not included in our discussion questions for Fates and Furies, please add your opinions and questions below.

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2 thoughts on “Fates and Furies Book Club Discussion Questions

  1. Hi Dinh, I always enjoy how thoughtful your discussion questions are. As a moderator, it’s really hard to ask questions that strike a balance between leading the discussion, but also keeping it open-ended enough so readers can come to their own conclusion. Well done, friend!

    1. Hi Lonna!
      Thank you for the kind words.
      You are right in that it’s a balance- some times it’s hard to strike a good one. I don’t know about influencing people’s opinions but it’s a good start for a discussion and to look at the book a bit more in depth.

      Thanks for all your encouragement! 🙂

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